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The site in February 2023

Proposed garden layout

Community Garden

In February 2023 we were awarded a site for our community garden in Greenwood Park.

The is on the Watford Road side of the park close to the butterfly chalk bank and allotments.

We will start work in March, so if you would like to volunteer to come and help you can email us as

We are crowdfunding for much needed funds to set up and maintain the garden.  As well as regular requests for donations of plants, wood, tools, soil etc.  If you can help in any way that would be greatly appreciated.

The garden will be open to everyone in the community to come and enjoy the space, maybe pick some vegetables and learn about nature and sustainability in our area.

Get involved! If you want to help make your community more green, beautiful and wildlife friendly, join us today - becoming a member doesn't involve any commitment, we'll simply let you know when events, activities and opportunities are coming up.

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